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  • Tips on application and Maintenance?

    Switching sequence (Synchronous system)

    (1)Starting up:turn on led screen first,start the computer,click the LED control panel,enter the display software,open the file,run the program.At last,turn on the dedicated control switch to provide power for screen.

    (2)Shutdown:turn off the dedicated control switch first,sign out the software and all programs,turn off the computer , shut down the screen at last.



    1.Operate LED screen strictly according to switching sequence!Don't pluck the plugs in charged directly when the screen is working.

    2.Use a dedicated computer for controlling the screen,do not install any uncorrelated software to avoin invading of internet virus.

  • Possible Causes of the Communication Problem?

    Switching sequence (Synchronous system)

  • Why the display board shows nothing while the controller is workable?

    Switching sequence (Synchronous system)

  • Why LED display control system hardware will be a few seconds bright line or screen blurred when input power?

    Switching sequence (Synchronous system)

  • What factors make the LED screen turn black?

    Switching sequence (Synchronous system)