Modular separate design

Control box is independent , There main framework are separable

Structure Details

Front removable constructure; Toolless module service ; Easy repire and replacement

Variety installation modes

Flexiable installation method , Hanging , wall mounting , Stack , Curve, and all shapes

Front install and service

Front service ; Wall mouting installation ; Easy repairment and disassembly ;

Back Install and Service

Simple and independent construction permits easy disassembly and maintenance


Pixel pitch 2.6mm 2.97mm 3.91mm
Pixels SMD (2020) SMD (2020) SMD (2020)
Pixel density 147456pixels/ m² 112896 pixels/ m² 65536 pixels/ m²
Cabinet resolution 192x192dots 168x168dots 128×128dots
Cabinet dimensions 500×500×80mm 500×500×80mm 500×500×80mm
Cabinet material Die-Casting Alu Die-Casting Alu Die-Casting Alu
Cabinet weight 8kg 8kg 8kg
Module size 250×250mm 250×250mm 250×250mm
Module resolution 96x96dots 84×84dots 64×64dots
Driving method 1/32scan 1/28scan 1/16scan
Brightness >1000nits >1000nits >1000nits
Power(maximum) 600W/m² 600W/m² 600W/m²
Power(Average) 250W/m² 250W/m² 250W/m²
Refresh frequency 1920Hz〜3840HZ
Gray level 16384〜65536(12bit〜16bit)
Frame frequency >60Hz
Viewing angle >H:120°/ V:120°
LIFE-SPAN >100000 hours
Malfunction dot rate <0.0001
Input Voltage 110V〜220V/50HZ
Temperature range -20~55°C
Humidity range 10%~90%RH


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