Seamless Assembly Easy Installation

Semi-automatic lock system allows for efficient installation.
High precision arc lock to make curve screen.
High surface smoothness

Two Sizes Two Versions

There are two different cabinet sizes and tow kinds of cabinet versions for your option.

Low Power Consumption Good Performance

Low power consumption and good performance of heat disspation make it work normally in the condition of no air conditioning

Technical parameter

Pixel pitch 4.81mm 2.97mm 3.91mm
Pixels SMD (2121) SMD (2121) SMD (2121)
Pixel density 43264pixels/ m² 112896 pixels/ m² 65536 pixels/ m²
Cabinet resolution 104×208dots 168×336dots 128×256dots
Cabinet dimensions 500×1000×80mm 500×1000×80mm 500×1000×80mm
Cabinet material Die-Casting Alu Die-Casting Alu Die-Casting Alu
Cabinet weight 15kg 15kg 15kg
Module size 250×250mm 250×250mm 250×250mm
Module resolution 52×52dots 84×84dots 64×64dots
Driving method 1/13scan 1/28scan 1/16scan
Brightness >1000nits >1000nits >1000nits
Power(maximum) 600W/m² 600W/m² 600W/m²
Power(Average) 250W/m² 250W/m² 250W/m²
Refresh frequency 1920Hz〜3840HZ
Gray level 16384〜65536(12bit〜16bit)
Frame frequency >60Hz
Viewing angle >H:120°/ V:120°
LIFE-SPAN >100000 hours
Malfunction dot rate <0.0001
Input Voltage 110V〜220V/50HZ
Temperature range -20~55°C
Humidity range 10%~90%RH


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