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  • Introduction: Switching sequence (Synchronous system)
    (1)Starting up: turn on led screen first, start the computer, click the LED control panel, enter the display software, open the file, run the program. At last, turn on the dedicated control switch to provide power for screen.
    (2)Shutdown: turn off the dedicated control switch first , sign out the software and all programs ,turn off the computer ,shut down the screen at last.

    1.Operate LED screen strictly according to Switching sequence! Don’t pluck the plugs in charged directly when the screen is working.
    2.Use a dedicated computer for controlling the screen, do not install any uncorrelated software to avoid invading of internet virus.
  • Introduction: The causes of communication problem are similar to the causes of the loading problem. Please check the following items when you operate.

    A. Make sure the power supply (5V) works properly.
    B. Make sure the serial port line connected with control system is through line instead of crosswire.
    C. Make sure the serial line is connected well without damage and both ends are tight without loose.
    D. Make sure all the settings in the control software are correct.(product model, communication mode, serial port number, Baud rate).
    E. Make sure the wire jumper is NOT loose and the direction is correct.
  • Introduction: When the controller setting and the connection cable are in the good condition, the display unworkable problems may still happen sometimes. Normally it caused by one of the below reasons, please check by reference:
    A.check the power supply situation of the screen body. Using an electroprobe or a multimeter to test the power supply connection end whether it is electric o and the problems of the switch or cable broken.
    B.Check whether the HUB distributing plate and the scree cable are connected.
    C. For the synchronous systems display, firstly check if the computer enters hibernate or screen saver state.
    If yes, enter the “Control Panel”, click “power management”, change the “system wait” and “close the monitor” into Never option.
    If No, open the crate and check the condition of t
    he control card and the DVI cable connection. Whether it is firmly connected ,the cable is broken or not and if there is disconnection situation.
    D. If the screen is still unworkable, please check the on-off situation of the signal line by using network cable tester. Whether the cable is workable or broken.
    E. If it is the optical fiber system problems, Using the fiber optic tester to check the fiber on-off situation and whether the light signal strength is standard or not .
    F.If it still not working after tried the above, please refer the drawing to check whether the communication line is connected wrongly (synchronized to the screen)
  • Introduction: After the display controller and the computer and HUB distribution panels and display screens are connected properly (in this case, don’t put the signal line and the 220V power line in parallel alignment, or may cause power interference). Input power moment, there will be a few seconds bright line or "screen blurred" on the display, the bright line or "screen blurred" are normal phenomenon of tests, remind the user display will begin to work. Within 5 seconds, automatically eliminate this phenomenon, the display into the normal working condition.
  • Introduction: Sometimes we find the LED screen would become black when in use. The phenomenon often is caused by different reason. Different operation or working environment maybe is the reason.Please check and judge the reason from the following aspects:

    A. Make sure all the hardware is powered on correctly ,including the control system.
    B. Check and identify whether the serial port cable connected with the control system has been loose or fallen off!(Please note that the cable can be loose even the led screen doesn’t move at all.)
    C. Check and make sure whether LED screen and the HUB distributing board is connected normally.